When Two Become One?


The union of marriage is sacred and carried out ceremonially. Each culture has its own way of practicing the marriage ceremony. Usually, a woman and a man would pledge their love and devotion to each other in the presence of family, friends and community as witness. They would adorn themselves in beautiful clothing and jewelry. History has it that in the 19th century Queen Victoria wore a white gown for her wedding and this remained as a tradition. A celebration would follow the ceremony with food, drink, music and dancing.

Preparations for the day
Today, preparations for wedding ceremonies entail much planning – at least a minimum of 6 months where every aspect of the ceremony and celebration is planned, organized and booked ahead of time in order to have the best preferences. To ease the workload for the couple, support can be obtained by professional wedding planners who would take on the planning and implementation of the entire process from venue to décor, food, music, photo/videographer, invites, bridal party outfits, wedding rings, etc.

The Transport
Transporting the bridal party is quite a delicate task. It is a moment of high emotions and the need to be careful with all the attire and jewelry. Everyone must look fresh and perfect when they step out of the vehicle and walk down the aisle. Most couples opt to hire a limousine for the day.

From the Nineteenth Century, when the first limousine was created, Limousines come in different sizes and with special facilities. Today, the minimum seating capacity is 7 whilst some can sit up to 15 persons with its lengthened wheelbase design. They come complete with a mini bar and other amenities. One of the main characteristics of a Limousine is the separation of the Chauffeurs from the passenger with a sound proof glass window which allows for passenger privacy.

Special Bridal Exit
In order for the bride to alight without any mishaps the special wedding limo’s come with a 5th door for the bride. All the bridal party can join in the commute and get to the ceremony together. This method is most suitable than hiring multiple vehicles for the bridal party as the entire family could be together from the very beginning.

Limousines are luxury vehicles. Although some rich and affluent folk are able to own, others are able to hire from rent-a-car agents. Since a group of people can travel in one, this is a great way to celebrate some special events or moments with friends or family. Most often than not, young people hire limousines for parties as a means of being “cool” and fun. Presidents, Celebrities and dignitaries always use limousines as a part of their lifestyle.