Travel And Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism has been one of the most developing industries in the world, people travel for many reasons in example for leisure for work etc. Travelling out of one’s county requires the use of an airplane in most parts of the world. Even though people can travel overland it takes more time than travelling by air, hence air transportation has become the most common and effective mode of transport in the current day. 

Air transportation will not be a possibility if not for the state of the art airports available in most of the countries. In some countries there are airports with no Air bridge (jet bridge), for transfers where the airport apron is distant, for safety reasons, the arrival or departure passengers are transferred from the apron to terminal and boarding gate to the aircraft by using a Gold Coast shuttle bus from the airport or apron bus.

These buses have a unique design due to not plying on public roads or highways. Wide bodied, extra-long and with minimal or no seating to hold maximum number of passengers. There can be a trailer bus attached to the main when passengers are ferried to a larger aircraft. These buses need to meet all the airport authority rules and regulations.

In countries where there is heavy air travel the airports have many terminals far apart from each other where passengers are unable to physically reach on their own from one terminal to the other, the apron bus or the shuttle bus from the airport ferries the passengers at a zero cost.

The companies not affiliated with airport authority may offer services to operate buses as part of their business at a nominal fee. These buses usually have properly laid seats and a greater luggage space. These third party operators deploy mini buses fitted with luggage trailers. There are designated pick-up and drop-off points near the airport terminal. To suit individual or small family travel, there are taxi, limousine transfers.

There are airports that are connected with passenger rail transfers. The third party operator may deploy buses, mini buses to ferry passengers to such railway stations that operates between airport terminals. The train operator or the airport authority pays the third party bus operator so that the passengers are not charged.

Amongst other services available, you could find the low cost airport shuttle services or shared vans, private van transfers and sedans are also common. All rides are a door-to-door service for passenger convenience including hotel shuttles.

In this modern era, leisure travelers are offered shuttle transfers to and from airport terminals direct to their vacation get a way point; be it cruise ship, theme parks or to malls.